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If you were looking for a top-notch graphic design studio, holy smokes are you in the right place. Take a Gander At Our Work, Our Services or Our Story.

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We like to make things.

Innovative brand identities. Beautiful paper goods. Effective web sites. And we are pretty darn good at it, too boot.

We know it's going to take more than a pretty logo. A successful brand identity will give your clients a consistent visual message that enhances the goods and services you provide. We build brands on a foundation of research that reveals core values, marketable traits, and target clients. We translate this key information into a visual system for print, web and products.

we adore the simple beauty of communication put to paper. Whether you need a finely crafted, hand-assembled invitation or an effective piece of business collateral, we have the expertise to help. With ample experience in book design and multi-page layouts, we can deliver an elegant package for any sized message.

we believe web sites must have a purpose. Whether you’re converting search engine leads, expanding brand awareness or educating your customer, your web site should be engaging and efficient. We design sites using the most advanced standards-based XHTML, CSS and Javascript languages, and can also help you register a domain, set up hosting or configure email solutions.

we love surprises. however, we’re pretty sure an invoice is no place for a surprise. That’s why we provide an up-front proposal that is customized to your project before beginning any work. Our proposals detail the services promised and the complete project-rate, so you’ll know what you’re spending before any of the magic happens.

Fleuron Press. Fancy little type ornaments inspired by the old French world for flower, floron. The process and art of printing OR to preserve an object by applying pressure between sheets of paper OR to push forward. Fleuron Press is a creative studio decicated to reinventing the simple beauty of memorable communication. Fresh Design, Inspired by History.

Ashlee founded Fleuron Press in 2007, inspired by a passion for creating high-quality graphic design and a fascination with communication of the past. She is a fan of 8-bit video games, cooking, southern rock, old dusty things that other people throw away, and irreverent humor. Currently persuing her MFA at California State University Long Beach, Ashlee has a BA from Loyola Marymount University and resides in Los Angeles.

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